• Logik-e:
    • Hard wood – $405/ton or $8.25/bag*
    • Mixed Blend – $410/ton or $8.45/bag*
    • Soft wood – $420/ton or $8.55/bag*
  • Athens (Maine Woods): Mixed Blend – 50 bag pallet – $325/ton or $6.70/bag*
  • Crabbe: Soft wood – 50 bag pallet – $295/ton or $6.10/bag*
  • Wood and Son’s: Soft wood – 50 bag pallet – $375/ton or $7.75/bag*


  • Crane truck drop delivered
  • With gas prices rising this year, free delivery is not available.
  • Delivery is estimated by town distance
  • Hand delivered (off the truck / in garage or shed) by town distance.

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*Prices as of Jan 15th, 2024. Products and Prices Subject to change.