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We are a small mom and pop store that started in 2006, hoping to make a living and help Mainers with rising heat costs. The pellet and wood stove installations proved to be a great option for Mainers, saved a lot of people money, and gave us an excellent customer base that we see every year. With support from friends, family, and of course our customers, we have slowly grown larger and are moving to a new location to make our work run more smoothly and in turn, improve our customers’ experience with faster, more valuable service.

Whether you want to supplement your existing heat source, upgrade an existing stove, or you’re taking the first plunge into a more modern, clean, and environmentally-friendly heat source, Moosehead Trail Home & Hearth is the only place you need to stop!

Did you know there’s more to installing a wood stove than just finding a great deal and putting it in your home? We do. We know how to choose the right size stove for your home, and can explain the differences in operation and convenience between wood, pellet, and gas stoves.

We can help you design a correct and safe hearth for your new (or existing) stove.

We are Piscataquis County’s only hearth equipment installation and service provider. We also supply and install propane systems and equipment. Contact us today for a quote for your home heating needs!